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How does it work?

Our period underwear features a three-layer absorbent system that keeps you comfortable and dry, while feeling just like your everyday underwear.

What's your flow?

Shop by flow to get 100% leakproof protection.


One-size fits all.

Meet our new one-size period pants, made with our patent-pending NuStretch® fabric. Perfect stretch, every body.

4.9 average. 11,003 reviews.

Customer reviews

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Planet-friendly, Leak Proof Protection

Join the eco-friendly period revolution! Ditch disposable pads and tampons and embrace reusable, leakproof period underwear. Save money on period products while reducing your carbon footprint.

One pair of fluxies period pants replaces up to 200 disposables. Together, with our amazing community, we've diverted millions of disposables from landfills. Are you ready to make a positive impact?

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