How to Wash Period Pants After You’re Done with Them: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Wash Period Pants After You’re Done with Them: A Step-by-Step Guide

One of the best things about any kind of period underwear (alongside their super-comfy softness and leak-proof absorbency) is that they’re reusable. All you’ll need to do is throw them in the wash once you’ve used them! But you’ll need to know how to wash period pants supplied by us to make sure they’re kept in their best condition for many menstrual cycles to come.

Here, we’ve set out a short step-by-step guide of things to do when the time comes to wash and care for your period pants. Take a quick look and find the best way to look after your new favourite pairs today!

1. Rinsing 

Once you’ve finished with your current pair, you should start washing them with a good old fashioned pre-rinse. Doing it with cold water will help to protect the fabric for longer, so you won’t have to worry about replacing your undies as often as you might otherwise. 

This step should get rid of most of the menstrual flow that the pants have absorbed while you’ve been wearing them. You’ll know you’re done with this part when the water runs clear while wringing the pair out.

You can also take the time to gently rub the gusset (the little slip of fabric that looks like a pocket in the knickers) to make sure it’s completely clean.

2. Washing 

There are a couple of ways that you can wash period underwear. The easiest way is to just put them straight in the washing machine with your other delicates on a 30°C or 40°C cycle. Don’t use fabric softener, though ‒ it’ll be bad for the absorbency of the pants in the future! Using an eco-friendly washing detergent will be more than enough.

If you prefer hand washing your stuff, then we’ve also got some good news for you! You can easily put them in lukewarm water and some detergent and get them as clean as they’d be if they’d been in a washing machine. Doing your washing like this even helps to preserve the elasticity in underwear, so you’ll be saving yourself a few unnecessary purchases by keeping your pairs in their best condition.

3. Drying

Please don’t tumble dry your period pants! Hang them out to air dry or put them on a radiator (make sure it’s a moisture-free zone) to keep them looking and feeling their best when you’re on your time of the month. 

The pairs might take a little longer to dry than some other underwear, but this is because of the absorbent layers in them that are designed to keep you clean and dry during the day. It’s more than worth it!

You won’t need to iron your underwear pairs, either. Just put them away in your drawers and keep them ready for the next time you need them.

Extra tips on washing

We’ve added in a few extra tips that you might want to try once you’ve got your own pairs of period underwear and need to take care of them:

  1. Try giving them a pre-rinse wash in the shower! As long as the water isn’t too hot it should do the trick just fine, and you can put them in for a proper wash when you’re done.
  2. Keep all the pairs you’ve used together in their own separate bag. That way, you can simply put them all in the wash once your period is done, dry them overnight, and put them away and ready for the start of your next cycle the next day.
  3. You can store all of your undies together when you’re washing them, too. Put them all in a mesh bag that goes in the machine with your other clothes, then pull it out again before you put everything else in the tumble dryer. Easy separation!

Will washing period underwear work?

It absolutely does, we guarantee it! As long as you stick to washing them using the instructions we’ve written above, your pairs will be kept as clean as when you first bought them. You’ll also be making sure they stay just right for your more delicate days for a long time to come!

No matter your flow, and no matter what you’ve got planned while you’re on your period, your undies can be made ready for it.

Have an easy, fresh, and comfy cycle every month

Now that you know how to wash period pants and keep them looking and feeling great, why not start out with a few pairs of your own from fluxies?

By taking care of them just as they need you’ll be setting yourself up for years of reusable period products, cutting out the waste created by tampons and sanitary pads. You’ll also save yourself a load of money!

Try our period pants out for your time of the month, see how easy they are to clean and keep, and make your menstrual cycle as comfortable and hassle-free as possible.