How Our Eco-Friendly Period Products Help to Save the Planet

How Our Eco-Friendly Period Products Help to Save the Planet

We want to help save the world, which is why we do everything we can to make sure we’re producing and selling eco-friendly period products. If you want to learn more about making a switch to something that preserves our planet, we’ve got the guide for you right here. 

Have a read through to find out more, or take a look at our other answers to questions if there’s still more you’d like to hear about before you decide to buy.

Just to start off, why are our products eco-friendly in the first place?

The first thing that you’ll notice about our products is that they’re made from plastic-free, completely washable and reusable materials. That’s the first way to tell that they’re totally environmentally friendly! 

By bunging all your pairs in a 30 or 40°C wash and hanging them up to dry (not putting them in the dryer!), you’ll be getting them ready for another round of use, just like you would with any other kind of underwear. This saves you from having to buy disposable sanitary products like pads or tampons, which will only end up in a landfill and, according to experts, take between 500 and 800 years to break down.

When disposable menstrual products (like pads) do break down, they’ll become microplastics which could end up being eaten by animals, or may even end up being washed into the oceans through rivers and streams. Even products which do biodegrade properly are often wrapped in plastic, or contain plastic parts, so even things like cotton tampons aren’t completely innocent in the damage they can do.

Washing our period pants and reusing them for every cycle for the 3+ years they should last stops over 200 menstrual products from ending up polluting the planet, leaving animal life in peace and keeping our waters clean. When you do a little bit of extra maths, it means it cuts your product waste from 4.5kg all the way down to 0.2kg!

We also know that menstrual cups are washable, but the difference between these and our products is that you won’t find any plastic at all in our undies. You’ll find out more about this below. 

How else do we make sure they’re environmentally friendly?

We do everything possible to make sure we’re sending out eco-friendly period products, including making sure our undies are made using sustainable materials and environmentally responsible practices.

The whole process starts off with the humble beech tree, a carbon neutral and renewable crop that is used to harvest a material called modal. This modal then gets used to make your undies ‒ it’s soft, shrink-resistant, and easy to care for, so it’s perfect for period underwear! Because it comes from a plant, it’s also biodegradable, so it can return to the earth when it’s reached the end of its life.

All the fibres we use in our undies are sourced from Austrian-based company Lenzing, who specifically manufacture TENCEL™ modal. Their award-winning process for these fantastic fibres involves making them in a closed loop, meaning the chemicals used in the processing will be captured and reused. 

Doing this keeps the resources and energy used to a minimum, and means more of a focus is placed on the preservation of resources and the protection of the environment. It’s one of the things we’re most proud of about our work, that every step we take is part of the textile industry’s way towards a future-oriented concept of a circular economy.

Staying good to our workers across the world

Being good to the planet means being good to the people who live on it, too. We believe in empowering everybody involved in our process, from the customers that buy our undies to the people who make them in the first place. 

This starts by working closely with our manufacturers to make sure all of our environmentally friendly menstrual products are made carefully, consciously, and with dignity. They’re a wonderful, family-run team in the South of China, and they understand completely what we’re after. With a business that’s been running for over 20 years, they’re also well-versed in the art of eco-friendly work and establishing ethical working conditions.

We’re in the business of only working with trusted, certified factories, and the manufacturers we work with are exactly that. Their site is free of child labour and forced labour, the workspace is safety-guaranteed, and all workers are paid above the minimum wage. They’re also offered perks, like free lunches and childcare!

We also visit our manufacturer’s site regularly and work closely with them to keep our relationship with them strong. It also means we can make sure their practices continue to align with the strong morals and ethics we’re proud to have adopted as part of our brand.

Giving back to those who need it

We’re fully committed to giving back wherever we can, and it’s recently been our pleasure to donate 5% of all sales we generated on Earth Day to the World Wide Fund for Nature (which you might know better as the charity WWF). This money went to help tackle the crises caused by the wildfires in the Amazon and Australia, as well as the people and animals affected most by those disasters. 

But our work with charities doesn’t just stop at one day a year. As part of our scheme for giving back all over the world and ending period poverty and stigma in the UK and beyond, we aim to donate eco-friendly feminine hygiene products to people in need every time customers choose to buy from us. 

When you decide to buy your sanitary products here on our website, you’ll get the chance to give back in your own way by helping us donate pairs of period pants to those who need them in the UK and across the world. Even if you decide you’d rather not buy today, you can still take part in our “give a pair” scheme and donate money that will go a long way towards getting those in need, exactly what they need.

Our best sets of eco-friendly period pants

All of our period pants are as environmentally friendly as you could want them to be, so no matter which ones you want to go for you’ll be getting the stylish and eco-friendly undies you’ve always wanted to wear. We also know there’s a ton of options to choose from on our website, though, so we understand if you’re not quite sure where to start when you want to browse.

That’s why we’ve set out a list of some of our best sets of eco-friendly underwear here, so you can start to take a look and sort through all the ones that you might want to buy. 

If you’d prefer to know how period pants work before you get started, take a look at our page!

Looking for the lightest flow possible?

Our fabulous Seamless Thongs hold up to an entire tampon’s worth of blood, and (as the name suggests) they’ll stay invisible and discreet underneath anything you want to wear. So, if you’re on a really light day and need to be out and about for a few hours, you can just slip these on and go!

Our thongs come in a range of colours, too, so you can keep them paired to all your favourite bras. Or, you can make sure they look as different and stand out as much as you want!

Want something for light (but not the lightest) days?

We’ve got ranges for all kinds of flows, so if you know your period is usually on the lighter side, but it isn’t the lightest flow ever, we’ve got the collection for you! Take a look around on our website and find all the pairs that can hold up to two tampons’ worth of menstrual flow ‒ we’d always start with the Classic Bikini, ourselves. It’s like the beginner style for nearly everyone!

From there, you’ll be able to pick out and decide on a load of other light flow period pants. So if you like your menstrual products to provide more cover or stay as form-fitting as possible, you’ll find it with us.

Need undies for a moderate flow? 

Got a period that’s not really light or heavy? We understand entirely, and we’ve got the pairs that will work to keep you covered. Starting off with our Essential Briefs for a moderate flow is the best place to begin, as these undies can hold up to three tampons’ worth of flow and are designed to be worn for up to 8 hours. This means you can get through a work, school, or uni day without having to worry about getting changed!

Our undies can help with heavy days, too

If you’re on a day when you know you’d need to use more pads or tampons than usual, you’ll want a set of undies that can hold just as much of your flow. This is where we’d always step in with our High Waist undies for a heavy flow, as these can hold up to four tampons’ worth and come with the added bonus of being tummy-hugging. That makes them just right for taking care of any bloating!

Shorts for super heavy days and a good night’s sleep

When you’re on a day that’s just so much heavier and more uncomfortable than most, you’re going to want complete comfort and security from your undies. Our Sleep Shorts are perfect for both. They’re super absorbent and hold up to five tampons’ worth of menstrual flow, so you can be sure they’ll keep you leak-free, no matter what you’ve got planned!

They’re also ideal for replacing overnight pads because you can wear them for up to 12 hours and they won’t slip or move around as you turn over in bed!

Save the world in super-soft style 

We do everything we can to protect our environment, and we know you want to do the same. It’s so easy to start saving the world, too, when you decide to make the switch from disposable sanitary products to our eco-friendly alternatives!

No matter which of our period pants you decide on, you’ll be getting a sustainably sourced set that’s easy to care for, and that’s designed to give you the comfiest, leak and stain free month, every month. You’ll even be saving yourself some money, along with the planet, when you turn to something reusable!

Take a look at the collections we have and we’ll make sure your orders are shipped anywhere in the UK or worldwide as soon as possible. We’ve even got a 60-day, money-back guarantee if you’re not totally satisfied!


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